Eleanor Wilson

Lead Vocals

My name is Eleanor Wilson and music runs in my veins. I come from a huge family of musicians so I guess it was inevitable!

I have been singing for over twenty years and am also an accomplished musician. I achieved my Grade 8 in piano aged 13 and my Diploma, also in piano, when I turned 17. I also play the violin and guitar although singing is my first love.

I have sung in Wembley Arena as a soloist and have also performed in The Royal Albert Hall, as well as various locations all over the UK and Europe so I am used to performing to large crowds as well as smaller ones.

I am also a songwriter with several songs on iTunes and have been fortunate enough to write with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Linda Perry, Pam Sheyne and Simon Ellis.

I love the creativity and endless interpretations music allows and I feel most comfortable and at home singing my heart out to people and sharing the energy and vibe that a killer song can bring.