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London, a city renowned for its rich musical heritage and diverse cultural scene, is home to many talented musical acts. Among these, our band stands out as one of the greatest and original show bands, captivating audiences with their dynamic performances and infectious energy. Known for our seamless blend of soul, funk, Motown, and pop, Soul Factor has become a staple in the London music scene, delivering unforgettable performances that leave audiences yearning for more.

Origins and Evolution

Soul Factor was formed in the 2012 by a group of passionate musicians with a shared love for soul and funk music. Our journey began in small venues across London, where their tight-knit performances and undeniable chemistry quickly gained them a loyal following. Over the years, the band has evolved, incorporating a broader range of genres and styles while staying true to our soulful roots. This evolution has enabled Soul Factor to appeal to a diverse audience, from dedicated soul enthusiasts to casual music lovers.

Members and Musical Mastery

The magic of Soul Factor lies in our bands’ exceptional talent and synergy. The band typically consists of three powerhouse lead vocalists, a dynamic horn section, a groovy rhythm section, and backing vocalists who add depth and richness to their sound. Each member is a seasoned musician, bringing their unique flair and expertise to the ensemble. Our vocalists mesmerise audiences with their powerful voice and emotive delivery. The horn section adds a vibrant, brassy edge to the music, while the rhythm section keeps the groove tight and irresistible.

Performance and Repertoire

Soul Factor’s performances are a spectacle of musical excellence and showmanship. We are known for our high-energy shows, featuring an extensive repertoire that spans classic soul hits, contemporary pop anthems, and everything in between. Whether performing timeless tracks from legends like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown, or putting their unique spin on modern hits, Soul Factor always delivers a performance that gets the crowd moving. Our ability to read the room and tailor their setlist to the audience’s vibe ensures that every event they play is a resounding success.

Versatility and Engagement

One of the key factors that sets us apart is our versatility. They have performed at a wide range of events, from intimate weddings and private parties to large corporate functions and public festivals. Their adaptability and professionalism make them a favorite choice for event planners and party hosts. Additionally, Soul Factor excels in engaging with their audience, creating an interactive experience that transforms a mere performance into a memorable celebration. Their infectious enthusiasm and charisma break down barriers between the stage and the audience, fostering a sense of connection and communal joy.

Impact and Legacy

Soul Factor has made a significant impact on London’s show band scene. Our dedication to our craft and ability to consistently deliver top-notch performances have earned them a stellar reputation. As we continue to evolve and expand their reach, Soul Factor remains a shining example of what a show band can achieve. Our legacy will always be one of passion, talent, and the unifying power of music.

Soul Factor stands as one of the very the greatest show band in London, a testament to the city’s vibrant musical landscape. Our unparalleled performances, musical versatility, and engaging presence make them a cherished act among audiences and a standout in the entertainment industry.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, experiencing Soul Factor live is a musical journey you won’t soon forget.

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    "They arrived on time and set up without any fuss or drama...then they started playing!!! Wow!"

    Steve & Julia


    "Soul Factor were the absolute best!!! I was in tears of joy when you guys started playing"

    Alex and Matt


    "You were so so awesome!! We have had so many fabulous comments about the music and the band in particular!"

    Jodie and Gus,


    "I barely left the dance floor all night. I’m still paying the price with my sore feet now. The singer’s voices were amazing."

    Emma Pateman,


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